How do I record a security exchange

I received a notice that a security exchange had taken place between different funds on the same company in one of my investment accounts. I had a total of 1765 shares which were purchased on 3 separate lots of security A and they they were exchanged for 1606.7183 shares of security B. They sold off the decimal portion (.7183) of security B leaving me with 1606 shares of security B. The monthly statement following the exchange shows security B as if there were 3 separate lots with the same original purchase dates as security A. (6/3/2014)
Is there a simple way to just record the exchange or do I need to record it in quicken manually as a sell and then a buy? The one step update from this account seemed to botch things up and I need to manually fix this somehow.


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    I can't help with the entries, but you will need to keep track of the buys/sells to establish your cost-basis for taxes.
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    Like I said, they have the purchase date for the new security listed at the brokerage account as 6/3/14 even though the exchange happened 8/30/16 so the tax side is covered. My real problem is manually entering this in quicken properly.
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    Can anyone help correcting these entries
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    I can't, I'm having the same problem

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    There's a Mutual Fund Conversion transaction in Quicken to exchange all shares from one class to another.  From the way you're describing this it sounds like the transactions that came through the download were inappropriate for this type of transaction.  This is the fault of the FI, not Quicken.

    Your best bet is to ignore or delete the transactions from OSU and manually enter the conversion yourself.

    I had a 3 for 1 Reverse Stock Split this month and the transactions that came through from the FI were incorrect, so I just deleted them and entered them myself.

    Different scenario but same type of problem as yours, again the FI is at fault here.

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