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I think that most Quicken errors can be resolved by users themselves.  They are just not aware of the common steps, or troubleshooting available.  I have come to realize that most errors (no matter the code) can be resolved using the same steps.  If the user has errors or issues, why not have them go through "Quicken Triage" before they post on the Quicken Community site, or go to Quicken Support?  I think a comprehensive list of troubleshooting steps  can be easily  created and would be a benefit to all, if it is easily accessible for "self service".
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    I agree SimonSezSo!  In fairness, I think a lot of the problems (esp. the how-tos) are caused by the complexity of product and the end-user's lack of either (or both) how to use Quicken, or basic knowledge/understanding of PCs, or in many cases, their own PC configuration issues.  Not in every case, however.  Despite Quicken's heritage as coming from 'Intuit' (which I believe originally meant Quicken (their original product?) was 'intuitively obvious', it has morphed over the decades into a fairly complex product.

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    Like this transaction downloading troubleshooting FAQ from the
    FAQ list?
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    Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
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    mshiggins Yes, but a little different.  Like a triage it would be before a user goes to the Quicken Community or Quicken Support.  That means that before a user posts a issue or complaint they have gone through their own  due diligence.  To find the link that you provided above, the user would have to know where to find it and have used the correct key words to do so.  I have noticed that a lot of complaints here are redundant, meaning that people are not searching before they post, or they cannot find what they need.  I was thinking maybe a Troubleshooting Wizard like Microsoft has.  The wizard would take them through a process where the user would get instruction on what steps to take as well as capture information on the issue.  Once the user had gone though "triage" they have done their due diligence and all the information necessary for other users here, or Quicken Support to help them.
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