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Relationship between online bills and bill reminders.  I am linked to online bills.  Then I want to have a bill reminder so the bill can be entered in my register.  If I set the bill reminder to automatically post the bill to my register 30 days in advance after which the online bill is updated.  What happens to the entry in the register?  I am using Quicken delux 2019.  Thanks


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    The first thing I would suggest is that you don't post transactions 30 days in advance.  Instead in the register in the upper right you will see a clock icon.  It controls how far into the future the reminders will be shown in the register.

    Having the reminder in the register updates the balance just as if the reminder was actually entered, but you can change your mind about the time frame, and you will also avoid the problem you are now facing.

    Here is the relationship.

    Online bills that aren't linked to a reminder only show you their date and amount, and do nothing more.

    Online bills linked to a reminder, update that reminder with the bill date and amount.  Which of course is nice for bills that vary per month or other cycle.

    The reminders in turn provide the "template/transaction" that will eventually be entered into the register, provided you don't ignore that entry.

    Once the reminder is "entered" the transaction is as if you manually entered it.  There isn't any connection from it back to the reminder or the Online Bill.  It will not be updated in any way by either the Online Bill updating or you updating the reminder.
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