recurring bill changes if I change details when entering current one

I have a recurring 'reminder' for groceries: weekly.
I have it set up to use a particular credit card. However if I enter the transaction for 'this week', and change the card to a different credit card- it will change all remaining reminders to that card. (I have to remember to go back and change all remaining reminders).This could obviously play havoc with my 'forecasted' balances and credit card payment reminders per card)
The only way to get around this is to enter it under the wrong card- then move the transaction to the right card. Either way it becomes a 2 step process.
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    Another approach would be to enter the transaction in the other account using a memorized payee and skip the reminder.
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    Yes, this is an issue many of us long time users of Quicken have complained about.

    Originally, a Bill or Income Reminder retained all the field values that were used when it was first set up.  When a reminder was entered, any of the default values could be changed and would affect only the reminder currently being entered.

    The next time the reminder became due, all the original field values would be returned to their defaults.

    At some point, Quicken was changed so the reminder memorized the field values from the last entry.

    IMO. the original behavior, where Quicken treated all the field values as a default template for future reminders, made more sense and avoided the type of mistake experienced by Bob B.

    By design, Quicken still distinguishes between editing this instance and all future instances of a reminder, this behavior contradicts that.

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