Context based categorization

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I think it would be very useful when a transaction is downloaded for Quicken to look at the context of a transaction when doing it's auto categorization.  For example a gas station visit for under 10 bucks is probably a snack but $25 and up is probably gas and fuel.  Another would be a paycheck sized deposit is categorized as "net salary" but a smaller one or a payment as whatever you normally buy from that payee.
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    The programmers tried, but ...

    ... that process isn't quite there yet.

    Maybe in a few years, when they can add Artificial Intelligence Support to Quicken something like you requested might become possible.

    But then again, maybe in a few more years, what with smartphones and everything, manual data entry won't be needed any longer. Your electronic payment transaction will automatically be recorded into a more modern version of Quicken the second you tap the cashier's payment terminal. Cha-ching! Done! Categorized based on the line items in your purchase. Automagically.
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