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    John F said:

    Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 12:44 PM

    Yet another 4 months since my previous post, different Operating System, a new purchased version of Quicken with multiple revisions of the software and still slamming the pointer to the desktop origin position [0,0]! Every time I open Quicken and every time I close Quicken. Also, every time I run One Step Update, while the cursor is properly placed in the password entry box, the mouse pointer still gets slammed to the top left pixel [0,0] of the desktop screen. My next step after entering my password should be to "click" the [Update Now] button.
    (I know I can tap "Enter" to do that, but why can't YOU get the "Focus" working properly?)
    The whole point of "Snap To" for Mouse settings is to save time and effort while doing productive work. Apparently this IS "Rocket Science" for the Quicken Developers!
    I sincerely appreciate Fred J.'s original post and subsequent clarifications, as well as those of QPW, me, Snowman, and don.
    Pete Menti's carefully documented "workaround" to toggle "Snap To" was generous (whether GOD mode is still available in Win 10 or not).
    We have all done our best to bring this continuing BUG/problem to Quicken Support's attention (thank you Quicken Tamara). Though I don't seem to be impacted by them, I do hope the other BUGS/problems QPW mentions as of higher priority are being worked/resolved successfully.
    I was pleasantly surprised (though similarly frustrated) to get an alert for Fred J's recent update/merged comment. I very much hope that Quicken Tamara's comment remains true! "This issue has been reported to product development (QWIN-9568) and is being tracked in Beta, as well."
    Quicken - Home, Business & Rental Property
    Year   :  2018
    Version:  R7.5
    Build  :

    Microsoft Windows
    Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.371)
    Windows 10 Pro [Version 10.0.16299.371]

    Mouse Properties:
    Pointer Options:
    Snap To:
    [checked] Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box.

    @Quicken -- how many reports of this problem does it take before it's considered a high enough priority to fix?  This is a serious question that I and everyone else on this thread deserve to have answered.
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    Oh, how wonderful! Another Quicken update.
    Another 3 months have gone by and now at Year:2018, Version:R11.16, Build:
    Is it possible that the "Snap To" bugs are fixed?

    Aw shucks... not yet!
    Obviously the maintenance programmers are NOT required to use the product they maintain to appreciate how the "Snap To" bugs are extremely annoying.
    Very sad.
    So many higher priority bugs that these bugs are not yet being fixed??
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    I think it was briefly fixed in R17.1 Quicken 2017. Then a couple of days later R17.2 was released and Snap-to is broken. What the heck!
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    I just got the update from the 2018 to the 2019 version of Quicken Premier (R14.23).  Still a problem.  The big one for me is the One Step Update one since that's the one I do most often.  The odd thing with that is that the mouse pointer gets positioned properly as the update is completing, but as soon as it's done, the pointer gets slammed over to (0,0).
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    There are still multiple issues with Quicken.  Please review my post at and like it if any of them are affecting you.  Mouse Stealing is the #1 issue that has never been addressed.
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