Export Quicken 2014 for use by Microsoft Money Deluxe Sunset

I don't want to upgrade to a product that is all online (I prefer completely offline) and so I am going back to Microsoft Money.  I have been using Quicken Deluxe 2014 but Money can't import this new of a file.  How do I save it to an older version (no newer than 2006)?  TIA


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    And why can't you continue to use Q 2014? It still works on all supported versions of Windows.

    By the way, what you may have heard or inferred about the new "subscription product" aka Quicken 2018 / 2019 being an "all online product" is incorrect.
    Quicken 2019 still is the same old Quicken on the Desktop / Laptop product that it has always been. The data file still must reside on your internal hard drive. Optional functions allow portions of your data file to be uploaded to a Quicken server, for use by the Quicken Mobile app on your smartphone or the brand new Quicken on the Web - browser based companion app.
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    The short answer is: you can't. The long answer is: you don't want to try.

    I use Money as well as Quicken. The process of porting your Quicken transactions to Money involves exporting a QIF file from each of your Quicken accounts, "cleaning them up" using a file converter like the ones offered by Propersoft or our own QPW, and then importing them one at a time into Money.

    You will spend hours hunting down skipped transfers, epochs re-entering categories, eons recreating splits. Even with a file converter, the process requires an ironclad level of determination most normal people do not possess. 

    Without a file converter, by the end of the process you'll wish you'd died as a child. Fair warning. 
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