quicken converts reminders into repeating online and I cant edit them in register

For years I have used my bank's bill pay and set up bill reminders in Quicken just to enter the transactions until the bank bill pay transaction downloads.   I don't want ANY Repeating Online transactions--can't edit them in register, have to delete them and start over in bank's bill pay system.   I have used this system for years, and some months ago Quicken started converting reminders into Repeating Online.   I hate it.   Quicken 2017 Version R17.4


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    Does your bank offer Direct Connect - free? If so, you might want to consider using Quicken to initiate online bills as opposed to just receiving them.
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    I suspect you're referring to Quicken's Online Bills feature,  To prevent Quicken from converting the reminders, do not select Link it Now.
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    I prefer paying from bank website--one less step.   I have NEVER selected "Link it Now".   Thanks for the comments, though.
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    Quicken does not automatically convert individual bill pay instructions into repeating online payments. The only way for that to happen is if you initiate it - either in Quicken or on your bank's bill pay system.
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    Thomas, not sure, but are you referring to when Quicken suggests reminders, over and over again?  If so, you can shut these reminder suggestions off by going into "Manage Bills and Reminders" on your "Bills and Income" tab:

    I have had this option spontaneously turn on (not sure how) and I had to go in and un-select it.
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