9 different accounts not updating for past week, all CC-501 Quicken error

For about a week, 9 accounts won't update.  I'm am on Quicken 2016 on Windows 10.  The error message for all of them is the same: "Quicken can't update these accounts because of an error on the Quicken server. (CC-501)"

I have tried resetting and deactivating/reactivating.  Neither are possible.  What is going on here?  Here are the banks:

Bank of America
Barclays Bank Delaware
Barclays Online Banking
Capital One Bank
Discover Card Account Center
Elan Financial Services
Navy Federal Credit Union
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Target National Bank


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    With Discover, you want to connect to Discover Card NOT Discover Card Account Center.  Discover Card will allow you to establish a Direct Connect download connection rather than the troublesome Express Web Connect that DCAC gets you.

    Deactivate Online Services for Discover and then on the General tab delete the account info. 

    Now, when you activate it, type in Discover Card for the financial institution and pick Discover Card and not Discover Card Account Center.  This should get you a Direct Connect connection.

    WARNING:  The initial download may get you a lot of old transactions, so see this FAQ to get rid of them:  FAQ - Getting rid of transactions in D/L tab 
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    If you get error
    CC-501 for all of your Express Web Connect - connected accounts while other
    accounts using Direct Connect or Web Connect work OK ...

    CC 501 - Reset Credentials

    Please read and try


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    Hello tarq476,

    We appreciate your taking the time to share this issue with the Community and just wanted to check in to see if the steps and information provided by @splasher and @UKR helped to resolve the CC-501 errors or if you are still experiencing errors when updating accounts.

    Please let us know, thank you.

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    I have 13 accounts that are doing this also.
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    Yes, the two helpful comments here did work and I was able to download from those accounts.  I hope this problem doesn't happen often as it did take quite a while to do this and reset all of the accounts.
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