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Disappearing 401(k) contributions from paycheck



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    I see this is acknowledged but still no fix in site? Quicken, this is easily reproduced so fix it. I saw the suggestion about turning off mobile connectivity but I don't consider that a fix.

    I saw this problem with 2017 and now I'm paying a subscription fee for 2019 and it's still not fixed. Quicken will not be getting any more subscription money from me until this is fixed and I suggest that anyone that is considering signing up for a new subscription hold off until this is fixed.

    Quicken, you want a consistent revenue stream and we want bug fixes in return (well, actually we'd like working software from the start but I know that's not realistic). I'm willing to play the subscription game if there's a mutually beneficial relationship but so far it seems one-sided.

    How about demonstrating that you take our issues seriously and will fix them quickly, otherwise I don't see any point in continually investing in this product. Tired of subsidizing exec bonuses and working with buggy software in return.
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    Does the transaction disappear after you do a 'One Step Update'?

    I was able to work around the issue by disabling 'Sync to Quicken Cloud' for the account my paycheck was deposited into.

    My paycheck is deposited into my checking account. I have an 'Employer Match' contribution that goes into my investment account. When I noticed a missing entry in the investment account, I go to the paycheck deposit in my checking account, open the split transaction window, and 'Enter', to return to the checking account register. This causes the transaction to reappear in my investment account.

    At this point, it will remain until I 'Sync to Quicken Cloud' with my checking account. Since I don't use this feature, I disabled it in 'One Step Update' to avoid having this trouble again.

    this fixed the issue for me also.  i don't use the sync to quicken cloud so this "fixes" it for me
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    To try and help and not just complain, I've posted in another discussion thread here https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/paycheck-401k-contributions-disappear-qw2019?top... a workaround I've just tried out that appears to be pretty solid at the moment. 

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    Using Quicken 2017, I am experiencing this issue. I have to go back to May 2017 and reopen each paycheck twice to have the balance corrected in the investment account. I validate, with no issues. When I go to reopen my file the next day, the transactions are no longer there, and I have a negative cash balance in my 401(k).

    Thank you for letting me know that even in 2019, the problem still exists.  I would pay money to fix this and other bugs (Quicken in the background, responding to keystrokes to the programs in the foreground with focus, etc).

    I always love their new advertisements -- they claim over 500 customer-requested improvements.  But they never give you the list.  If you click to see what they added, it takes you to the patch list for the prior version. 


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    I did the exact same thing but only after a cloud sync with the 401k provider this issue started again not matter what.  So my work around was not to use the paycheck wizard but create my own paycheck transaction as an occurrence.  So the problem lies with  transaction downloads/cloud sync. i can pin point the date it started as after apr 15th or so.  so if there was a code change around that time that will help your R&D.


    From this post, let's be accurate:
    Quicken has not yet updated to account for matching in Roth 401k's that
    have been around since 2006, which was announced in the Economic Growth
    and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.

    I'm not blaming you
    personally, I'm just frustrated that Quicken knew Roth 401k's were
    coming for 5 years and didn't that feature in to Quicken 2006.  And now
    it's been 18 years without a proper fix. 
    And at least 3 years that the
    "non-transfer" bug has been on getsatisfaction without resolve.
    Also, Quicken has wiped their old help boards in the past.  I'll bet this bug has been around much longer than this thread.

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    I've seen this issue emerge for Quicken 2017 H&B (now on v 19.1) in recent upgrades.  I've setup my paycheck with transfers to my 401k (pretax, Roth and company contrib.)  all to the same 401k account.  I'm not syncing my 401k with mobile sync. (that's a mess) just the checking account...  For some odd reason, if you go into the checking account transaction, edit the paycheck transaction (from the register) and reenter the transaction the 401k account cycles removing and then adding the Xin's into your 401k account. That is, it first removes the Xin for the 401k account after each successive entry.  After fully removing my 3 entries, ALL 3 show up after entering... Very strange... So, not an elegant solution but worked for me.  Best of luck.  
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