Reminder "Due next on" creates wrong date

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Quicken HBR Build - When I create a reminder, "Due next on:" it defaults to Monthly with the current date one month later. For example if today is 1/19/2019, the default due next on will be 2/19/2019.

But if I change from monthly to any other period, the due next remains 2/19/2019 which is wrong. It should add the interval to the current date. For example, if I choose Yearly, it should change to 1/19/2020 by adding a year; Quarterly should be 4/19/2019 by adding 3 month, etc.


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    When I create a reminder (press Ctrl + J, select Add > Bill > Manual Bill), the Due next on: date defaults to today.  If I change the period to any other period, the Due next on: date remains today, but after I enter the reminder, the Due next on: date is properly incremented by the period I specified.

    In my opinion, resetting the period should never change the current Due next on: date.  If you don't like the current Due Next on: date, I suggest you reset the date.
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