Restarting Quicken after 4 Year Absence

My data files are 4 years old and out of date and I am starting to use Quicken 2019 for Mac again starting with 2019 data.  So my Accounts are all out of date.   Should I start a whole new data file or whole new data structure?  How do I get my Account balances current?  Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I guess it depends upon how you want to reflect the last 4 years,
    and if the accounts still exist - and your ID/pw still exist, etc -

    If you don't really care about what happened over the last 4 years,
    and just want to get going again -
    I would think you could just -
    - Install Q
    - and restore/open the last Quicken file you had
    - and then do an Update/Download and see what comes down.

    You could always add a "Balance Adjustment" to "Reconcile" the accounts with current balances.

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    Chris, you have a few options.

    First, what is the previous version of Quicken you were using, and on which platform? That might help inform how best to proceed. If you were using Quicken Mac 2015, for instance, it's quite easy to open that data file in Quicken 2019 and retains he data you had.

    Of course, if you start from an old data file, you will need to make balance adjustments in all your accounts to account for your activity since you stopped using Quicken. The easiest way to do this in checking, credit card, and cash accounts is to create an entry dated 12/31/18 which will adjust your balance to your correct year-end balance in each account. Investment accounts are a little trickier if you want to keep track of each investment's historical basis. Depending how many accounts, securities and transactions you've had, it might be worth entering them or it might only be practical to make adjusting entries to get to the proper number of shares.

    If you decide to start with a new file for 2019, you'll still need to enter starting values as of 12/31/18; Quicken will create these opening balance transactions as you establish each account.

    A lot of the direction to take depends on the volume of accounts and securities you have, and how much detail about your investments you want to have precisely represented in Quicken.
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    HI,  Thanks for the suggestions.  This helps with direction.  I already have the latest version of Quicken installed with my last data.  Looks like I will be adjusting account balances and managing the securities.


    Thanks again.

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