track expenses to insurance claim payments

Had total loss of home and will be receiving periodic payments for 2 yrs.  I want to track my expenses against these payments.  What categories do I need to set up?


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    Please explain,  in a bit more detail, what it going to be happening re: expenses and insurance payments.

    Also, which Q product, and Build/Release, are you running?
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    Quicken H&B, R17.6

    We have 4 different payouts on our policy:  Dwelling, personal, outbuildings, and loss of use (monthly, up to 2 years).  To date we received some payments for personal property, dwelling, and loss of use. 
    The adjuster told us to keep receipts in case they have questions or they decide we need to itemize for personal property or loss of use.  We will eventually have expenses to put against the dwelling and outbuildings - but that won't be for maybe 2 years.

    You can image how many receipts we have and will have in 2 years.  So I need to get things organized into the correct categories.  Plus we have put all of our payments into the bank and I would like to make sure I keep track of these separately as well.  

    I am probably over thinking this and making it more complicated than needed - but for me, that is how I work.

    I use QB Enterprise for work, but the basics were already set up and it seems to be much easier to use when I do have to set up new accounts or categories.
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