Can not change category or anything

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Can not change category or anything


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    You'll need to post more detail on the issue you are having. Why don't you start with telling us if you are using QMac or QWin and what year version of Quicken you are using?
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    MUCH more info is needed in order to help you.

    1) What Q product are you running?
    2) What platform? (Win or Mac)
    3) What Build/Release of Q?
    4) WHY can't you change the category of a transaction? 
    5) Where in Q?  What are you trying to do when this happens?

    We're not mindreaders.  We can  only work with the info that you've provided to us ... and so far, you haven't provided any info.
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    Hey Paul,

    Are you able to provide us with anymore information on what you are experiencing?

    Let us know where you are at so we can assist you!

    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
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    Category is now vertical I want it horizonal Column
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    I do not want the category to be under the payee--want it to be a horizontal heading on the spreadsheet
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