Sharing Quicken files on a network

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I am looking for someone with experience sharing Quicken files on a network. We have a personal bookkeeping business where each client has a separate Quicken file, that we must store on a network so that we can all have access to the files (the network prevents a file from being opened if it is already in use).


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    Accessing the Quicken data file across a network is not supported by Quicken due to high read/write traffic during the course of using Quicken.  Doing so has a good chance of corrupting your data file.

    One of the users came up with this Windows Command file to allow users to share data files, but still have them on their local computer while they are using them:

    Whether you have someone that can modify as needed the command file to fit your network/usage is up to you.  It is supplied as is and is not supported by anyone.

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