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For some reason me 'Ending Balance' is completely wrong. Not sure why, but maybe some transactions are missing. The 'Online Balance' is the correct amount but that won't display on my Accounts bar. Both ending balance and current balance are linking to the 'ending balance' value, so they aren't useful. Currently using Quicken Deluxe 2017 on a PC.

How do I get my online balance to be the displayed value with each account? 

And why is my ending balance incorrect?



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    The online balances only appear on the registers and are used for online bank reconciliations.  Not sure why you would want the online balances on the Accounts bar as this will give you a misrepresentation of your balances in Quicken which include reminders and future transactions, but your bank does not.
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    I have one account that does not display an online balance even though the account will download transactions within the account.  What would cause a single account not to display the online balance?
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    One of three PNC Bank accounts does not display an online balance. Selecting the "Balances" button in the reconcile dialog displays message "Online Balance as of %%1", which makes no sense. I have disabled "reconcile using online balance" and must manually reconcile this one account. I've had this problem most of 2019.

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