How do I get rid of "Is this the transaction for {date}"?

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I am running Quicken 2018/2019 on  Windows 10. I use reminders and manual bill pay. For example, I pay my credit card every Thursday, using the weekly reminder to enter the payment. When I click "enter," I get a series of messages, i.e., "Is this the scheduled payment for 1/10/2019?" "Is this the scheduled payment for 1/4/2019?" I must answer "No" to each. I have researched and the consensus online seems to be that there is no way to turn this off. As a workaround, I enter the transaction manually and then change the date of the reminder to next week. If I forget to do this, I get this annoying and useless series of questions again. After this happens, I can stop the questions by deleting the existing reminder and creating a new one, using a new name for the bill (i.e., change "Visa" to "Platinum Visa." Seriously, this is a LOT of extra time spent, especially while my significant other is in the process of learning to use Quicken. Could you PLEASE just give us the option to turn these questions off?
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    Are you using linked biller for the reminder?
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    No, I do not use the linked billing. As described, I use manual bill pay and set up the reminders for each bill manually.
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    ac67  It is unusual to make weekly payments to your credit card, so I can see where Quicken gets confused.  I think if you set up a series of 4 laddered reminders (of 1 every 4 weeks), with slightly different payee names, you might be able to get around the pop-up questions.
  • ac67ac67 Member ✭✭
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    I actually have them set up that way. It also happens with monthly payments. Extensive web search shows that others have had the same issue. The general belief is that there is no way to turn these messages off. That should be remedied, and that is why I posted.
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    Hello ac67,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Community and I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration experienced.

    To confirm, there is not currently a way to turn off the prompts for "Is this the transaction for" as the program is asking the question to ensure that the reminder being entered and any already downloaded/cleared transactions match correctly however, I can understand how frustrating the prompts can be and have changed this post to an "Idea" thread instead.

    The Idea posts are reviewed directly by our Development Teams for insight on what future features/functionalities Users would like to see added and may be voted on by other Members of the Community.  The more votes an Idea receives, the higher it is prioritized for possible future implementation.

    As an alternate workaround, I would recommend entering the reminder(s) into the register first, then downloading transactions. The downloaded transaction should match to the already entered reminder and link them without causing the prompt for "Is this the transaction for".

    Hope this helps, thank you.

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    Actually, I get the message when entering the transaction, which I do by clicking on the reminder and selecting "enter transaction." After changing the amount to the amount that I paid, I click "enter," and that is when I get the "is this the transaction" message. One time, when I accidentally clicked "yes," it changed the amount of the previous date's transaction without my realizing it, causing a major headache when it came time to reconcile my checking account. Thank you for changing this to an "idea" thread.
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