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I purchased the 2018 subscription and did not want to renew. A pop up message now comes up and on the right side of the screen saying that my subscription expired and to renew. I called support and they said that the message can not be removed unless I renew the subscription. The message on the right side blocks part of my screen if I resize it so I can work on two screens. This is unacceptable and I'm very disappointed since I didn't purchase it to have something blocking my screen permanently without having to renew each year.


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    Hello Wilson. Thank you for your comments.

    Which version of Quicken are you currently using, including if you have Starter, Deluxe or Premier:

    We apologize for the issues with the popup notices, but as you mentioned and confirmed by our support group, you would need to renew your membership in order to remove those notices.

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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Disappointment in almost being forced to download the latest version.

    I have received a number of emails telling me my "Membership" has expired. Unfortunately I don't recall ever having a "Membership" but I do recall purchasing a number of versions of Quicken over several years.

    I use Quicken for my home expense accounting and minimal tax prep and have purchased it every two or three years. I don't need nor want any of the electronic download features you have mentioned that are available with the new Quicken.

    I am disappointed that banners now appear on my version of Quicken and has shrunk my screen and it seems I can't removed them unless I buy a new version.

    I am would like for you to reconsider your position of almost forcing me to buy your newest version. It would seem to be more prudent to make a version available that is more basic and without the on line features.

    At east as a minimum, please come up with a fix to remove the banners from my version of Quicken.

    Thank you for listening to me.

    (personal information redacted)
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    Wilson and Al, please vote for this suggestion to remove the large screen blocking banner prompting you to renew:
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