web connect - same bank (Fifth Third) 2 sign ins

Can you have to different sign in's at the same bank and still use web connect to download transactions?  I'm working with a newly married couple that each has their own sign at the same bank.  Setting it up I was getting OL-393-A.  When I go to accounts it shows the 2 new accounts I'm trying to add to the download as Not available now.  It will not let me try to set them up again.  I get to the 2nd screen and I see the two accounts and it says ignore.

I'm on the Windows version and using Quicken Premier 2019,


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    Yes.  Personally, the wife and I have separate logins at our credit union, CapOne credit card and Discover Bank and they all download appropriately.
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    And my wife & I have separate logins at Fidelity Investments (several accounts each) and at US Bank (again several accounts each).  And they all download appropriately.

    The only thing that you need to watch out for is if they work for the same employer and both have 401k accounts with that employer.
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