deluxe vs premier - "Real Functionality"

I have used quicken premier for some time as I do track investments.  That said, the quicken site and documentation is not very transparent on the actual functional differences; even the "compare versions" site (very similar to the turbotax version differences)

Searching through discussions/comments I have come up with the following synopsis I'm hoping someone can verify and/or correct.

With regards to Deluxe vs Premier: 
1. I will lose the ability to use Morningstar xRAY (no value to me as I have morningstar)
2. I will lose the ability to track my homes value (no value to me) 
3. I will not be able to create/automate some of the tax data (i.e. Schedule D) biggie

I do assume, however, that I will continue to be able to do the following:
1. Enter transactions into investment accounts (i.e. IRA, 401k, etc...)?
2. I will continue to be able to use categories such as "_401EmployerContrib" to track my own and company contributions?
3. I will continue to have cost basis information; having an "Investing" Tab with the ability to drill down through accounts and positions and ultimately see the individual lot purchases?
4. I will continue to be able to update (through one-step update) security values; though the "automated update ever n minutes/hours" will not be available".

Can anyone confirm these assumptions?



  • J_MikeJ_Mike SuperUser
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    Speaking as a long time QWin Deluxe user - you summary is accurate.

    One clarification:

    "3. I will not be able to create/automate some of the tax data (i.e. Schedule D) biggie"

    Deluxe has the Tax Schedule Report and the Capital Gains Report. These two reports include all of the tax related info from your data file. Deluxe does not have the individual Schedule A, B, etc. reports.
    You are not missing any tax data with Deluxe vs Premier - just the individual schedule report formats.

    Minor points;

    You can still track the value of your home - manually vs auto update in Premier.

    Deluxe has a price update feature for securities. You do not have to go thru the whole OSU process - just manually punch a button to update vs the auto update in Premier.

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  • splashersplasher SuperUser
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    About tracking your home's value, partially correct, you can track it, you just won't have a built in connection to Zillow to do it automatically.
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  • RickRick Member
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    Thank you both for the responses.
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