Removing data from Quicken cloud account

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Quicken 2015 

When I go into Quicken, I see that there are 4 cloud accounts associated with my Quicken ID.  I am not sure why there are so many but I used to use Quicken for Mac, so that explains having two.  I see that 1 of the 4 has an asterisk next to it, indicating that it's the "current file."

Also, years back, I installed Quicken mobile for a brief period, so maybe that explains some of this.

I also recently moved my Quicken file to this computer (call it computer 2), and I plan to not use it anymore on the computer that it was last on (call it computer 1).

Another thing that's interesting is that the current file has an account created date that's about 1 year before another one of the cloud accounts.  The one with the latest date is around when I installed Quicken on computer 2.  Probably when I brought over the file from computer 1, the name of the file made Quicken tie the local file to the previous cloud file.

Also, when I go to the mobile and alerts tab, there is an introductory screen that says, "Get your financial data where you want it..." with a green button "get started."  The Quicken instructions for deleting the data on your cloud account tell you to go here (in the help files).  That is why I write this paragraph.  

I am looking to delete as much data as possible on the cloud (or other locations, if there is other data besides the cloud).  I am unclear as to whether I can just delete or whether I have to create new Quicken files with appropriate names and sync a single cash account for each.  After I do that, how do I keep my main file from syncing?



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