Quicken Home & Business 2017

my copy of home & business 2017 refuses to open.  using windows 10. 

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  • GSD4263GSD4263 Member ✭✭
    Thanks, I appreciate the help!
  • GSD4263GSD4263 Member ✭✭
    Apparently the data file was corrupted.  I was able to restore from a recent backup, thanks again!
  • GSD4263GSD4263 Member ✭✭
    My copy of home & business 2017 refuses to open. R18.8 Build using windows 10 Pro...
    I've performed a clean uninstall, reinstall, used QcleanUI, restored backups a dozen times this month.  Quicken will work for a day or so, then hangs up after I click on the Save up to $10 on Quicken 2019.  I then must go to Task Mgr and end task.  Is there any way to determine what is causing the program to lock up?  Could it be the database is so corrupted that it will only work for a couple of days??  Is this a problem with only 2017 H & B?  
    I guess I could trash my current database with several years of history and start fresh.  That would open up a level playing field and allow me to start fresh with any vendor.   Hmmmm...  I'm open to comments and suggestions.  Thank you,
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