Is it possible to buy an older version of Quicken to run on Yosemite 10.10

I used to use Quicken for Windows but haven't for many years after switching to a Mac desktop.  I'm thinking of running quicken again on my Mac but I won't upgrade from Yosemite 10.10 because of the bad compatibility chain reaction that it would cause with my other programs.  Is there anyplace I can get older versions of Quicken that will run on my current os? I don't need to pay bills just download bank and credit card transactions and track investments. Thanks.


  • 2017 is the only version that will still run under MacOS 10.10 and still supports connectivity for downloading your transactions. Support is scheduled to cease ~April 2020.

    You will have to source this older version from a third party. (I am not in a position to endorse/advertise such a source.) 
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    I do not vouch for this one but here is a retailer with a physical address & tel #. 

    Do your own due diligence.

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    And just to reiterate/clarify: if you successfully buy and install Quicken 2017, the online functionality (downloading your banking and credit card transactions) will only work for a year (through April 2020). At that point, Quicken will work for manual transactions, but won't download anything. If you anticipate being able to upgrade from Yosemite to a newer macOS by that time, then the purchase of Quicken 2017 now might make sense; if you anticipate you will need to stay on Yosemite past April 2020, then getting started with Quicken 2017 now might not be worth your effort.
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