Turn off Web Access and Mobile Access in V2019?

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I am a very distrustful person. I do not want any of my data to reside anywhere but  on my desktop. I was using Quicken Mobile, but have since quit because it duplicated all of account data and do not plan to use it again. I do not know how to turn it off, so I disabled all of the accounts but a very old expired credit card account and then removed the app from my Iphone.

So the question is: can I install V2019 with Web Connect turned off? Can I turn off Mobile access in 2018 Version R12.15 Build

Until I know the answer to the V2019 question, I have turned off automatic downloads.


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    The simplest means of using Quicken without mobile/web is to sign in as a different user in Edit>Preferences>Quicken ID and then sign back in with your existing credentials. During sign in, choose the Do Not Use Mobile option. There will still be a "shell" cloud account created but it will no longer contain your financial account data.
  • Jay Gourley
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    I did this.  One-step update still has the web update option.  Not only that, the option is enabled by default.  So I have to disable it every time I do a one-step update.   
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