When will multi currency accounts be available on line?

I can link multi currency transaction on my computer when Quicken is installed but it is not available on line. I understood, quite a while ago now, that this would be remedied. Do you have an update as this is a big problem for me


  • That should be "where Quicken is installed"
  • smayer97
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    I am trying to get clarity as to where you are seeing the problem, online via QWeb? If so, QWeb (and QMobile for that matter) currently only support syncing data in the home currency.
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  • Quicken Harold
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    Hello Judy, appreciate your question. Let me try to assist in clarification.
    * Are you using Quicken on a PC running Windows or on a Mac computer?
    * Are you trying to setup your accounts in the Quicken program or trying to get them to sync externally to the mobile app or Quicken on the Web?

    Please let us know so that we can best help you with your current question, plus it will allow us to ensure that the question can be moved to the right group depending on the information in which you can provide.

    Thank you in advance.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • PeterKS
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    OK guys, I completely understand what Judy tried to ask. I have the same problem, this was how I found this post.

    So the problem is as follows:
    Quicken Windows desktop app offers me to create accounts in various currencies. I use 53.com bank account for US$ for example, then I have other bank accounts for EUR, GBP and some others.

    Now the problem is that Cloud Sync only syncs the US$ bank accounts and transactions. I can't see any transaction and bank accounts online (web application @ https://app.quicken.com/) that were created in EUR or GBP. It's the same for the mobile application.

    So what we need is to sync all the accounts and transactions no matter if it's in US$ or EUR or GBP.

    And please don't ask for the Quicken version installed. Multiple currencies were built in the desktop application since I use Quicken. I think I started using it around 2013. Before that I used Microsoft Money for a decade. And I really miss Microsoft Money because it was much better than Quicken.

    Hope this is clear.
  • Dan Glynhampton
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    So, what you are requesting is a change in functionality, since the current lack of support for foreign currency accounts in the mobile app is by design and is documented by Quicken

    A little further searching reveals this idea post requesting exactly that functionality, I recommend you add your vote to it if you have not already done so
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