How can I redownload from American Express after deleting a download from Quicken?

I downloaded transactions from American Express but did not get the complete download so I deleted from Quicken.  Now I am trying to download those transactions again but am not being allowed to.

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    Quicken remembers the FITIDs of the downloaded transactions and rejects any duplicates, so that is why you can't get them a second time.  This is at an account level basis, so if you created a new account in the same file, you could download into it, then copy them to the original account and deleting the new account afterwards.
    If you do a download of the Web Connect file from the AmEx website, you could edit it adding a letter or number to the values of the FITID field in each transaction and then do the import, Quicken will see the transactions as new since the FITIDs are different.
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