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Paid bills still show up in reminders



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    edited January 2019

    I have been contributing to this thread for a long while please read the thread. This problem was resolved in early December. At least it was for me and I will admit poorly on the part of Quicken. One of the things that had to to be done to fully fix was that all reminders had to be dropped and re-added after the product was updated to the latest version.

    I updated premier in early December and the I started a new Quicken file. Seemed easier than the drop/add approach and I have not had this issue since. What I am still experiencing are banks and Credit Cards that no longer work. I changed my bank as AXOS bank essentially stated that they only car about Quicken for their business customers. The CCs started working again once I updated Quicken.

    Banking/CC sites have been changing their authentication processes and Quicken has not always kept pace. To be fair, some banks and CCs don't really care that you want to use Quicken and many block basic access by Quicken. In some cases, the best choice is Direct Connect but as I understand it, Quicken charges for this and financial institutions dont want to pay.

    Oh, I see.  That's very strange that Quicken feels like they have resolved the problem.  I work in the software industry and if our resolution was for people to recreate their reminders and/or entire file, that wouldn't fly at all with our clients.  They would be leaving us in droves. :)  

    Anyway, thanks for your response.  I appreciate the feedback.
  • This has been the single most frustrating bug I've encountered with Quicken since I started using it more than 20 years ago.  This needs to be fixed ASAP, or I will have to switch software to something else.  This has been going on for months, and Quicken either can't or won't address it as a serious issue.  But it creates unnecessary redundancy and a colossal waste of time.  Please, fix this.
  • I have been waiting for a fix for this for so many months.  I am doing the same as most of you and paying my bills as usual, then ignoring the reminders that stay on the list in error to get them off the list.  Very frustrating.  I've become good at doing this right away after paying the bill to keep from mistakenly paying a bill twice.  uggg...
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    Ditto.  I have also been using Quicken for over a decade, and only in recent months have this same problem of paid bills not updating on the Reminder list.  Having to dump and recreate the list is an unacceptable solution, not least because over the years, Quicken has forced me to start a whole new datafile to solve a problem it could not figure out, and sometimes that didn't even work.  Reading the entries here, this has obviously been a problem for nearly a year.  And when one purported fix was found, users were asked to support the fixer by sending a problem report that crashed their files, and apparently after the crash issue was fixed, the original problem was not.  Maybe Quicken should stop updating their software at all.  Why do tasks that previously worked for years suddenly stop working?  If a solution is found, please make it known.  If the fix ends up being to start the database over, I will start over with another program.  Any recommendations from other users?
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    Long time user here and this problem just started showing up after I went on subscription. Very very frustrating. Is there any solution yet?????
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    Just came across this forum. What has worked for me with this issue is to close quicken and reboot computer and reopen quicken.  This would suggest that quicken has a memory cache problem
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