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QFX File Standard - Or ways of importing transactions

I currently have a credit card company that has stopped supporting QFX exports, they only provide a CSV. I'm a software developer and am wondering if there is any documentation on QFX file standards or if there is documentation for finding a way to convert the csv data into the correct format


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    Not sure where you can find such documentation but there are third party tools already developed that do that. Consider http://www.propersoft.net/csv2qfx/purchase

    P.S. I do not vouch for these products, just passing on about their existence.
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  • I had a product a number of years ago, on an older computer that wasn't available any more, so researched yesterday and bought a new product from Moneythumb   https://www.moneythumb.com   I bought the $39.99 version as I only wanted to convert csv to qfx.  It worked so much better than the previous software I had used. My Norton advised this was a new software... but I went ahead.  

    After downloading the software, I downloaded my credit union credit card statements to csv and then followed the prompts in the software. It was so easy!
    First clicking Settings, I followed prompts and established the account in Quicken that I wanted the data to go.

    Then clicking Convert, I selected the csv file I wanted to convert and it pulled the information in and since this was for credit card charges I clicked on change the sign and as noted in 4 below, the columns were assigned correctly except my credit union category had not been assigned a Quicken column. I clicked down on the credit card company category and selected for it to go into the Quicken memo column. That way it sent the information so I could see the type of purchase in order to categorize correctly in Quicken.  I have the Quicken 2019 Home, Business and Rental Property.

    While the convert file was still open, I clicked Import and it quickly imported the data and brought up the reconcile tab. That didn't work for me as I have auto transfers going into the credit card account for payments through the checking account. I have had to delete the CC payment lines that were imported and it also has downloaded 0 amount lines for interest and a line for total interest for the year that I deleted.  I find it easier to do the paper statement reconciliation. If you decide to use this software and have a different bank situation you may find that it works for you...

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