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Don’t pop-up advertisements to paying customers (+52 Merged Votes) [edited]

patrickpatrick Member ✭✭✭
edited November 2019 in Product Enhancements (Mac)
Today, I was surprised to find an advertisement for a loan on my screen when I launched Quicken. This is totally unacceptable. My suggestion is that you remove this annoyance immediately. 
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Thank you for your feedback about the recent partner promotion that appeared in your Quicken product. We have restrictive guidelines on when and what kind of in-product messages are displayed. We’ve recently been able to implement a change to the available customizations in the Quicken Subscription product, which will enable Windows and Mac users to choose the types of in-product messages they want to see. There will still be some critical messages that will continue to appear, such as messages around critical product updates or online banking issues, so we can keep you informed of what’s happening in your Quicken product. Here’s how to update your message settings: https://www.quicken.com/support/internal-what-do-if-customer-wants-unsubscribe-quicken-marketing-email-notifications Overall, our top priority is making sure our Quicken software users have an excellent product experience.



  • patrickpatrick Member ✭✭✭
    Today, when I opened my Quicken file on my Mac, an advertisement for a loan popped up.  I've paid for my use of Quicken and I don't think I need to be spammed upon opening a file.  This is totally irritating and totally unacceptable.
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I just saw that too and I totally agree. Users who pay for a subscription should NOT be spammed in the application. If they are going to do this for the few folks who might be interested, then they need to provide an opt-out for the majority of users who don't want to be annoyed by pop up adds.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • morganrmorganr Member
    It's hard to believe, but the Quicken app just popped up a window - SPAM advertising an add for a 360 Money Market account from Capital One.

    What a low blow. How totally inappropriate to do this inside the context of software I have licensed and paid for.

    Bad move Quicken -- really poor.

    STOP the SPAM --- it's bad  news and completely inappropriate.
  • jschaffejschaffe Member ✭✭✭
    Today, for the first time (no new update to Quicken itself, as far as I can see), Quicken (current Mac subscription version) began trying to connect to googleapis.com, googletagmanager.co , mxpnl.com, and newrelic.com, and under the file password panel I see an ad for a capital one bank account.  First, aren't subscription software products supposed to suppress ads?  And second, what's with all the new net calls?
  • morganrmorganr Member
    Here's the actual pop-up ... it came up on an empty screen (I didn't even have the Quicken app in active use).

  • jschaffejschaffe Member ✭✭✭
    Oh, and to add insult, I have to answer "Are you sure you want to close this offer?"
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I totally agree. Quicken should NOT be pestering paid subscription users with ads, especially those that take multiple clicks to get rid of. I predict there's going to be lots of blowback on this.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • Gilles99Gilles99 Member ✭✭
    I just got this pop-up

    I do not need this, and on top I am in Canada ( Canadian version ) so it does not even apply to me

    see this pop-up that burst when I launch Quiken Prmier 2019

    if some people want ths it should be an option to received or not
  • jschaffejschaffe Member ✭✭✭
    I had the same experience today, and posted about it elsewhere.  Behind the scenes, there are a number of new and apparently related internet connections to googleapis.com, googletagmanager.com, mxpnl.com, and newrelic.com that weren't there before.  (I use Little Snitch to keep track of such things.)
  • hwy86hwy86 Member ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    I just had this happen as well...
    Dear Quicken, STOP WITH THE POP UP ADS. It's bad enough I pay a yearly fee, now this - BAD BUSINESS.
  • hwy86hwy86 Member ✭✭
    Boy Quicken, this takes real nerve... Charge a yearly fee or have key features disabled and now shove pop-up spam ads in our face!!!
    Stop with the ads - NOW.
  • justinforemanjustinforeman Member ✭✭
    Serving advertisements to your paid customers is unacceptable, Quicken. Absurd that you then force me to click again to make it go away. Get rid of this or I'll cancel my subscription.
  • daqmandaqman Member ✭✭
    I spotted this and came to the community thinking there was some error with my subscription. This is unacceptable. Quicken is already WAY too expensive for what the Mac version has to offer. Previously I would have paid once in the lifetime of the product what I now pay per year! Adding advertising will drive me away. It has happened once today. If it happens again I'm leaving.
  • WillMcDWillMcD Member
    I completely agree with the comments on this thread. We are paying a subscription for your software and should not be getting ads on our desktop. Please reconsider this policy so I don't have to look elsewhere for my financial software.
  • pwisneskeypwisneskey Member ✭✭
    This just happened to me for the first time after having just started my second year of subscribing.   I too will be looking at alternatives if this continues to happen.
  • pwisneskeypwisneskey Member ✭✭
    Be warned that I'm chatting with support and they have conceded that there is no way to disable the ads.  They are also unwilling to refund the subscription outside of the 30 day window (my subscription was renewed in early January).  

  • RileysMomRileysMom Member
    I, too, was assaulted this morning by a Quicken Loan ad... so infuriating!  I just want to have my morning coffee and look at my depressing financial future in peace.  I thought it was just me, but I guess I'm glad to know I am not alone.  I call BS!
  • justinforemanjustinforeman Member ✭✭
    This is completely unacceptable, Quicken. We're not meat for advertising. We're paying customers.
  • I received the same pop up ad today. I couldn't believe it and double-checked my subscription settings. Yep, I have an active subscription. I'm really, really disappointed. I was actually pleased to see some effort and energy being invested in the Mac version and was OK paying for a subscription for that reason. But if Quicken is going to charge a subscription fee AND SPAM me with pop-ups, then I will find an alternative financial management app. This crosses the line. Any response from Quicken yet?
  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Or at least give an opt out option and/or place it in the ADD-ON SERVICES tab (currently only in QWin).
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    Quicken should eliminate the LARGE Ad space when a subscription expires

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  • JonJon Member ✭✭
    Seriously, this is infuriating.
  • ClintonClinton Member ✭✭

    As a paying customer, I don't expect to be annoyed with pop-up advertising when using your product.  When opening the Quicken app today I was presented with a pop-up box telling about an offer for Capital One 360 where I could earn $600.  When trying to decline, I was presented with another dialog box asking if I was sure.

    I don't expect these kinds of intrusive partnership offers when trying to use a product I am paying for.  Not only is it annoying, but it's deceptive as well.  Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that any business is not going to just give away $600 without a catch.  In this case, you have to read the fine print, the catch requiring $100,000 deposit with Capital One.

    I don't know why your company is suddenly interrupting my work flow with this kind of advertising model.   This is not shareware.  This is not a free product.  Please consider your paying customers first; we are not here to be monetized.  Thank you.

  • jschaffejschaffe Member ✭✭✭
    Hmmm, I received the ad yesterday, but I noticed it did not appear today when I started Quicken.  Has anyone seen it a second time?  Could it have been a one time thing for each customer or might Quicken have disabled it?
  • Neil AndersonNeil Anderson Member ✭✭
    I could not agree more. This is crazy when people happily pay a fee for a good product only to see ads "IN" the product. I don't mind if you send me the occasional promotional newsletter but don't clutter my net worth with sleezy advertising!! Pls remove this "feature" asap.
  • Absolutely ridiculous spam. If you don't stop this I will simply stop using your software and I have been a user of Quicken since 1995. This is complete disrespect for your customers and totally unacceptable. Make sure it doesn't happen again because if it does I'm out of here.
  • Ditto, ditto, ditto! I have been a Quicken customer since 2006, and I am on the verge of jumping ship because of this. It was frustrating enough to have to re-buy the product multiple times over the years after I'd already paid full price for the software, because of the way your business model changed. But in-app advertising for a product I'm paying for is unacceptable. Please discontinue this practice right away. Clearly, I am not the only customer you are hearing from on this. (And I don't usually even participate in these online forums -- you got me to join just to say this!)
  • Denny50Denny50 Member ✭✭
    Have we had any post on this from the Quicken support team? I only see members and superusers on this thread. I think the other threads were deleted on this subject. I wonder if this is just a test to see how the customers will react to ads in their paid software. 
  • patrickpatrick Member ✭✭✭
    You might be right, Denny.  We need to make noise about this issue.
  • jschaffejschaffe Member ✭✭✭
    Denny said:
    I think the other threads were deleted on this subject.
    I started a different thread, but my comments there were included into this one.
  • This started on my Mac yesterday (April 7, 2019.  I've sent a complaint to Quicken but something tells me they really don't care.  I told them that when I paid for a yearly subscription I did NOT give them permission to load popup ads on my Mac.  I told them I wanted it stopped immediately.  I'm not naive enough to think that this will have any influence on them but it made me feel better.  

    If they get back to me they'll probably say it's not an ad but a way of letting me know about a new feature/service.  No, it's an ad.  
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