Upgrade from Deluxe to Home & Business

1) Are categories / budgets / accounts maintained when after migrating from Deluxe to H&B?

2) Does the upgrade provide an extension to the subscription period? My Deluxe subscription started on March 4, 2019. 

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  • Dan Glynhampton
    Dan Glynhampton SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    2) see this support page for information on how subscription extensions are handled. 
    US Quicken Deluxe for Windows Subscription R28.16 on Windows 10 Pro v2004
  • Philip Morin
    Philip Morin Member ✭✭
    Regarding question (2)... Understood.

    What about question (1)...Do I have to re-create the planning info? Are past transactions carried over to the H&B version?

  • Philip Morin
    Philip Morin Member ✭✭
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