How to Get Reports in Online Version of Quicken

How does one get reports such as Current Net Worth in the Oneline Version of Quicken?

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  • Thanks for responding, but I'm very disappointed in the limitations of the Online Version of Quicken.  I'm worse than disappointed because my Quicken Deluxe data got dinged in the process of trying to use the Online Version.

    Two of the accounts in the All Transactions list are now extremely wrong in the list.  However, clicking on either account yields a register with the right stuff.  There may be other faults too, but I first need to fix the accounts in the list.  If you have any clue how to fix that list, please let me know.
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    As I no longer use online/web app, I'm going from memory. The way to resolve the sync issue would be to create a new data file in Quicken desktop with just a single manual account. Then from the new data file you can go into Preferences and delete the original cloud account.
    Open the original data file and create a new cloud sync account. Basically, you can't delete the cloud file from the active file. That's why you need to create a secondary file.
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    Thanks for your effort, but I apparently have solved my problems -- well, at least one of them.  I got a wild idea that if I could somehow refresh the data in the problem accounts it might fix the wrong numbers in the All Transaction list.  Spookily, it worked!  So, my Quicken app is OK now, and I won't use the Web version of Quicken.  In fact, I can't use the Web version because I corrected some balances in some accounts.  Quicken can't transfer those balances to the Web version of Quicken, according to a note that popped up.  Attempting to use the Web version cost me many hours of frustration.

    The reason I got into the mess was because Microsoft is changing its Edge browser to a Chrome-Edge browser, and I began using a trial copy of the new browser.  When I tried to place an account on the right side of my display and Quicken on the other side, Quicken took over the whole screen.  However, it appeared the Web version didn't demand the whole screen, and I thought I could use it.  Unfortunately, the Web version isn't as robust as the app version of Quicken, and it has some other problems as well.  So, I'm back using the old Edge browser, which plays nicely with Quicken.
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