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Quicken 2019 for Mac, question about changing a category.

I am using 2019 Quicken for Mac. When I change a category that Quicken has chosen will Quicken then use that same category I have chosen in future transactions to the same Payee?

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  • Rotty
    Rotty Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the response RickO. Yes, upon reading more comments it appears that this is a common complaint and flaw with the Mac Version. Hopefully they will fix that problem SOON!!
  • Rotty
    Rotty Member ✭✭
    Thank you for the response. I called Quicken Support and let them know I was having the same issue with categories and that I have seen numerous other complaints about this she issue. I did request, for whatever it's worth, that the powers to be in Quicken fix this issue and fix it ASAP!!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @toodiesdad @Rotty This is something we've been told they've been working on for many months. They don't comment publicly very much, but they are aware of the issues and are working towards releasing one or more updates to tackle them. Since the last update was in March and there was none in April, it's likely the next update will come sometime in May -- but we have no idea yet what will be in it. Sometimes they plan a feature for a specific month's release, but complications in coding or problems discovered in testing can cause a feature to slip to the next release. (That's why they don't like to pre-announce what's coming next.) I have no inside information other than what the product manager has posted in this forum previously, but I were a betting individual, I'd bet that giving users more control over transaction categorization will be one of the key features in one of the next two updates this year.
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