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Currently when I write a check for my truck payment. I split the transaction 1) Loans:Loan Principal 2)Loans: Loan Interest. I complete the transfer category for the Loan Principal so it reflects accordingly in the truck Debt account. 

What I don't like is when i run an Income/Expense report, there is nothing shown for the Loan Principal. I want it to show as expense. Currently, it automatically goes under Transfer.

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  • J_Mike
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    I think what you are really looking for is a Cash Flow Report - as opposed to Income/Expense Report.

    To get the cash flow, I exclude the auto loan account from the report. Do the same if you have a home mortgage - exclude the home loan account. The principal payments (Transfers) will then report as cash flow out.
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  • I think this will work for what I am wanting to accomplish. I'm still unsure of how to create a Cash Flow Report. 
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    My apologies - my response above implied that there is a built-in report called "Cash Flow Report" - there is not a built-in report.

    Suggest you start with New Report > Transaction, Rows = Category.
    Create the report.
    Select Customize and then set Date Range and then select Accounts to include/exclude.
    The resulting report carries the major groupings of Income and Expense. Think of these as Cash Flow In and Cash Flow Out.

    You can also start with New Report > Summary and in this report you can have columns for each month over a time span; e.g., monthly totals for YTD.

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  • That's not quite doing it for me. Maybe what I'm thinking is more then I can come up with. For example after creating the report you suggested:

       Loan Principal                                         0.00
          Checking Account                               -390.07
           Loan Account                                      390.07

    It doesn't seem to see the money from my checking account to the loan account as money out. I want to be able to pull a report and see Income vs Expenses or Cash Flow. Does this make since to anybody or just to me.