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Quicken 2019 hangs after entering interest

SystemSystem Member ✭✭✭✭
This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken 2016 hangs when entering in new adjustable rate interest.


  • kuwayamadkuwayamad Member ✭✭
    Hi everyone, I am running the most recent version of Quicken Premier R19, and I can confirm that this exact problem still persists. When entering an interest rate for an adjustable rate loan, Quicken has a tendency to freeze and crash.

    Size of QDF file: 88741K
    Accounts: 80
    Categories: 258
    Memorized Payees: 5642
    Securities / Max ref: 130/146
    Transactions: 27716

    System Resources
    Available Memory: 2097151K
    Total memory: 2097151K

    Regardless of loan length or number of memorized payees, in my opinion, this crash behavior should not occur.
  • kuwayamadkuwayamad Member ✭✭
    FYI, I have Super Validated my file with no evidence of corruption.
    I am unsure if this is a related bug or not, but some of my loans have interest rate entries dated 0/0/1900, 0%, $0 payment. This date is interpreted as the "most recent interest rate", so the current interest rate for the loan is displayed as 0%. Seems like a coding issue.
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