Bill Reminders randomly moved into future on Update R19.55

Jim Weber
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The update to R19.55 moved bill reminders into the future. So monthly bills that are due in July 2019 show up in March 2020 and may repeat Annually instead of Monthly. Finding each bill, then choosing Edit-This-And-All-Future-Instances was a pain, but appeared to fix the problem. Unfortunately the next time I started Quicken all those bills were moved out to the future again!! Grr. This can be a very expensive problem if a payment is missed! This is the third upgrade that has messed up Reminders (R19.44 comes to mind, and one prior to that). I've been happy to pay for Quicken for years. But not when the bugs cost more than the software something has to change...


  • mshiggins
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    Have you tried validating your file?

    File | File Operations | Validate & Repair: Validate 

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    try updating to the moest recent Qwin - R21.17 -
    As you report this kind of problem - please add what version you are running -
    I'm on QWin R21.17 - and not sure if I've seen this problem as yet...
    though I have to re-enter a couple of Reminders as they appeared to have "skipped".

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