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My Quicken will no longer open QFX files - OL-221-A Error Capital One



  • ebinder
    ebinder Member ✭✭
    Someone from Capital One called me to notify me that my fix is in the works. Not estimate as to when it will be completed.
  • vkvrgic
    vkvrgic Member ✭✭
    +1 ... Same problem
  • I am new to this community, and I couldn't figure out how to answer someone else's post.
    Quicken Deluxe 17, Windows 10. OL-221-A work-around works for me: In the downloaded .qfx file, edit it with notepad, change all trntypes of "D" to "DEBIT", and all trntypes of "C" to "CREDIT". Either Cap One has to change their XML to use words, or Quicken needs to recognize the "C" or the "D".
  • Thanks, Sherlock! ( I wish my search skills would improve!)
  • Unable to download transactions from Capitol One either from within Quicken (CC-903), or from Capitol One web site [OL-221-A]. I am unable to reset or update my connection to correct the issue.
  • Marcel
    Marcel Member ✭✭
    > Randy Houck wrote in another thread about this same problem: "If you now download any transactions from 07/27/2019 afterwards, the import works, which is what some people are seeing."

    I can confirm that BUT, if your Card Account Currency is in Canadian dollars, you still have a problem because the downloaded currency <CURDEF>USD</CURDEF> is still in US dollars instead of Canadian dollars <CURDEF>CAD</CURDEF> for me.

    If new data is written with USD, then the Capital One Mastercard account will switch to US dollars. If, after, you try to manually write a transaction, a window will then open to ask you to provide an exchange rate while writing an amount.

    So, you still need to edit the QFX file to change <CURDEF>USD</CURDEF> to <CURDEF>CAD</CURDEF> if you have a Canadian dollar account.

    If you have this problem, I think that executing the QFX file after this currency correction is made should restore the proper currency to the account (although I did not test it).

    Capital One needs to make this last correction to close this case!
  • I don't know what has happened, but I cannot get Quicken to authorize my Capital One account. It tells me that it has connected to my account, but that once it is connected it cannot find the account. I get error number CC-902-A. Also, when I go to Capital One's website and manually download the account and then attempt to open the file I get the error cc-902-a. This has now been going on for the past month or so. Not sure what is going on, but it is pretty frustrating!!! Please advise on how to fix this!!!
  • Sorry, for the manual import I get error OL-221-A
  • Even when I follow all of those steps for cc-902 I still get the re-authorization unsuccessful and yet I know my credentials are right because I use them to log into their website each time.
  • jmartinca
    jmartinca Member ✭✭
    Issue should now be resolved
  • Marcel
    Marcel Member ✭✭
    There is still a remaining problem… the currency. I just downloaded new transactions a few minutes ago and I am still getting "<CURDEF>USD</CURDEF>" in the QFX file.
    It should be "<CURDEF>CAD</CURDEF>". I still have to save the file apart, edit manually the currency and then execute data loading. Very cumbersome !
    I wish they will fix it shortly. Maybe they are not aware. I should contact them.
  • Marcel
    Marcel Member ✭✭
    Just downloaded my transactions again today ( 2 minutes ago) on August 22nd and the currency problem is now fixed. It was not, yesterday.
    So, for me, this issue is now closed.

    But I suggest to Capital One to perform better testing when they change something because something is broken each time they proceed with a change.

    I volunteer to beta-test any future modification...
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