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Unable to add Citibank to One Step Update

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  • ChuckKlugaChuckKluga Member
    I have a different sort of endless "one-step" update loop. I have been trying to get my citi bank into one-step. Prior to this I have been logging into citi bank and exporting files to Quicken. At first the citi account was not listed in the one-step update summary at all. The bank personnel had me click something for the account that necessitated that I re-enter my name and password. Now the citi is in the one-step list. And in the Account List, the "Download" column now shows "No (activate download)". When I click that link, I am prompted to enter my citi name and password, click 'Connect", which shows "Activate One-Step Update" screen (shows line with citi card, "ignore" text, and my assigned nickname), I click "Next" and quicken appears to connect with citi. It then returns with 0 transactions updated in the summary. I see many transactions are really there on the citi web page. Furthermore, the the "Download' column still shows "No (activate download)" - my entries had NO effect - endless loop. What am I missing? I ran "Validate and Repair" with normal results.
  • Hello ChuckKuga,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the community, although I apologize you have not yet received a response. 

    What version/release of Quicken are you using? Do you receive any error messages throughout the process of attempting to link the account(s) in Quicken? What option are you selecting in the bank list for Citibank and what connection type are you attempting to use?

    Let us know so we can better help!

    -Quicken Natalie

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