Show Deposits before Payments on same day entries to prevent neg. Running Balance (+2 merged votes)



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    > @ps56k said:
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    > Why ? - since they are not actually affecting the actual Register,
    > what's the difference, since they would be entered on the "same date" I'm guessing.
    > And how does your Reminder date entered compare to the subsequent actual date of the cleared transaction ....

    Ah, but they DO affect my register. Because, although some here are referring to scheduled reminders doing this, I am talking about scheduled transactions that are automatically entered in my register. I have my bills and paychecks set to be automatically entered 60 days in advance. And in that case I can end up showing a negative RED balance in the actual register for a few lines until the deposit line appears. Quicken is not supposed to sort that way. It's a bug. The red is supposed to alert me to an actual overdraft situation, not punk me. :-)
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    > @NotACPA said:
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    > UNTRUE.  I developed, and managed the system for Wells Fargo that processed all of the $ transactions that went thru the bank.Checks and other payment transactions had a "Transaction Code" in the high 50's ... while deposits had a TranCode in the high 70's... and the file that we sent to the checking account system was sorted, by Account number and then TranCode.So the Debits came before the Credits.
    > And those "daylight overdrafts" as they're known were something that we looked for, because it was a possible indication of "check kiting".

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    Hi @pmrussell892 ,

    How your Bank works, is very important. You want to set up Quicken to match your Bank's sort order. That's the bottom line.
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    Also it is prudent to maintain a cash cushion in your accounts so you don't encounter same-day overdrafts, which are a lucrative source of fees for banks.
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    Hey, thanks for all the irrelevant input! I don't care how my bank works. And I know how to manage my money just fine. I want my Quicken register to behave a certain way and it does not do that. Vote this idea up - or don't.
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