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How can I get the Expense Transaction screen to properly display on tablet PC?

Quicken works fine with my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet PC as long as I'm using an external monitor with it. However, this is not possible when I'm travelling. Tablet is generally used in horizontal (landscape) mode. When trying to enter a payment by clicking the Enter box next to the desired transaction, the Expense Transaction screen presented is too large to fit the screen. The title at the top is partially obscured and the buttons at the bottom for Enter and Cancel are completely obscured. If I turn the tablet sideways (to portrait orientation) the title is fully displayed but there is still a problem with the bottom. The Cancel button is fully displayed but the Enter button is obscured by some other image. If I click in the area where the Enter button is supposed to be, it does work. It is a problem to have to continually reorient the screen to enter payments. Is there any solution?

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  • Thanks! That was the problem. Disconnected the external monitor and checked the scaling for the built-in. It was set above the recommended 200%. Changed to that and the Quicken screen displays properly with all buttons visible on the Expense Transaction screen. Font is a bit smaller, but readable. Been suffering with this problem for months. Appreciate your help!
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