Why will my Quicken Deluxe 2015 not open?

I went to my Quicken account today to check on billing. When the window opened the screen was flashing. I suspected a virus, so immediately shut my computer down. After a new start up now all as i get is a blank screen with the timer iconm shown. I cannot close or minimize the window. I have to shut off or restart the computer to close the window.

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  • NotACPA
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    Try holding down the CTRL key while you click on a Q PROGRAM (not data) icon.
    This should cause the program to open to a nearly blank page ... with only the FILE and HELP menus available.
    IF that worked, you've probably got a corrupted (perhaps severely) Q data file.  Shutting down your computer in such a manner could have caused this.
    If this is the case, try using the FILE menu to navigate to FILE Operations, then Validate and Repair.  BROWSE to select your Q data file, then click "Validate File" and "Rebuild Investing Lots" (if present) before you click OK.
    If that doesn't allow you to open the file, then you'll have to start Restoring backup files, until you find one that works ... whereupon you should COPY it and then Validate (per above) the Copy.
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  • Bare
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    That didn't work.

    I believe what happened is that I left my Quicken open and Microsoft did an update over night. It went down hill from there.

    I do have a recent back-up. I have the books for three companies on my Quicken, so it is very important that I get this right.

    Will the backup restore the program in it's entirety to where it is useable just as before?

    Should I un-install the damaged program before doing the backup?

    Should I save the back-up to a USB drive before doing anything?

    Thanks for your help

    Barry Matteson
  • Bare
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    I am still waiting for a response.