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Return QM2007 Enter key behavior in registers

I've searched this several different ways and see people asking to have the Enter key create a new transaction or move between fields, but I haven't seen quite what I'm looking for. Forgive me if I missed it somewhere.

Every few months, I go into my credit card register to assign categories and tags to downloaded transactions. This was pretty fast and efficient in QM2007: double click the category field in a transaction > edit category/tag > hit Enter, which saved the edit and moved to the next transaction > repeat. In current QM, the process starts the same: double click category field > edit category (then tab to tags field if I want to enter one). But then it bogs down. I hit Enter and the focus goes to the next field (tags or amount in this case). I hit Enter again and the edit(s) save, but the focus stays on the same transaction. Hit enter again and I'm in edit mode for the same transaction. Enter performs three different functions: tab to the next field (what's wrong with Tab?), save edits and exit edit mode, enter edit mode. To go to the next transaction, I need to hit the up or down arrow after saving.

So, to edit one transaction and be ready to edit the next, it's double click > edit > Enter > Enter > arrow key, where in QM2007, it was double click > edit > Enter. It's two extra steps now for each transaction, multiplied by a hundred every time I go through this routine. And it just feels clumsy.

If there's already a better way to do this, please let me know. Otherwise, here's my vote for simplified Enter key behavior: save edits and move to the next transaction. Leave tabbing to the Tab key. Or maybe add preferences so one can choose.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @nhuddleston I'm not seeing the entire behavior you descibe. When I open a transaction, change the category and want to save the change, I just enter the cateogry and press Enter or Return once, and the transaction is saved. You describe the Enter key moving you to the next field. Enter does not normally function like the Tab key. I wonder if you have some system setting that's making it do that?

    Ah, I can get it to behave like you describe if I don't fully type the Category. That is, if I start typing "Din" and Quicken suggests "Dining" and I press Enter then, the Enter is accepting the category selection, and moves to the next field. But if I click on "Dining" from the list Quicken displays, then Enter saves the transaction because the category has already been completed.

    I don't think it could really be made to operate like Quicken 2007 without that extra keystroke, because Quicken 2007 doesn't display a drop-down list of categories as you type. In Quicken 2019, there needs to be some user action to tell Quicken you're accepting its suggested category -- either a click or a keystroke. 

    As for moving to the next transaction automatically after pressing Enter, I don't think that's likely because Quicken 2019 allows users to sort their registers in ascending or descending order, and it wouldn't be clear if the "next" transaction should be the one below or above the one you've just saved. By default, Quicken now shows registers in descending order, newest transactions on top. So if I click on a transaction in the middle of a screen to edit it and then want to go to the next transaction in order, that's the transaction above the one I just edited, not below. So I think they need to leave it to users to navigate up or down rather than assuming it should be one direction or the other. And yes, I do understand this is an extra keystroke; I'm just not sure I see a good alternative that would work for everyone. 
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  • nhuddleston
    nhuddleston Mac Beta Beta
    Jacobs, good point about reverse sorting. QM2007 does only list transactions in ascending date order. But hitting Enter to go to the next transaction would still work in new QM; I'd get to choose whether the next transaction was an earlier or later one by selecting my preferred sort order.

    And in fact, I don't have to use an arrow key at all. Once an edit is saved, I can just double click in the next transaction, which I have to do anyway. So that's one less step, but the Enter key behavior still throws me off with its Tab mimicry.

    As for QM2007 categories, it can, in fact, autocomplete categories as you type. If I start entering "Household", after I type "hou," the full word is displayed. I can then hit Tab to go to the next field (Memo) or Enter to go to the next transaction. Or I can type "/" and start entering a Class, which will also autocomplete. Easy, logical, fast. I'm always stumbling with the new method and feel like I have to pay closer attention to avoid typing in the wrong field. I'm sure part of that is shifting gears from decades-old habit and that I'll get better (looks from your signature like I've been using Quicken as long as you have; I bet you can relate on some of these adjustments). But I really prefer the former behavior.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I agree that (a) it's not quite as easy as Quicken 2007, and (b) most of the differences tends to fade away after using it for awhile and the muscle memory adapts! And yes, I liked being table to select a Class with a slash and a single letter. (But in Quicken 2019, it's really the same number of keystrokes: Tab to move to the Tags field followed by a letter. Since I don't heavily use Tags, the downside for me is the extra column I need to leave displayed -- and tab past on all the transactions which don't use Tags.)

    My point about the category drop-down list was that in Quicken 2007, Quicken would autocomplete a partially-typed category and pressing Enter could save the transaction without any other action needed, where in Quicken 2019 the partially-typed category is shown while there is a drop-down menu displayed, so it requires a keystroke or a click to dismiss the menu.

    As for moving to the next transaction, I thought you were trying to do everything from the keyboard. Yes, you can double-click to open the next transaction for editing. But if you prefer to do it all from the keyboard, you can press dow (or up) arrow fllowed by Enter to open the next transaciton for editing, without needing to use the mouse. Alternatively, if you do use the mouse, then when you partially type the category, instead of pressing Enter or Tab, you can click on it in the drop-down list to select it --and then pressing Enter will save the transaction. So locking in the category is just a trade-off between a click on the mouse or a keystroke (Enter or Tab), followed by Enter to save the transaction. 
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