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Capital One Visa - One Step Update does not download ALL cleared transactions

When doing a One Step Update for my Capital One Visa account All of the Cleared Transactions are not always downloaded. This causes the reconciliation to fail because the BALANCE that is downloaded with the transactions DOES include the missing transactions.


  • This has been occurring for more than a year. Talking to Capital One directly has produced no correction.
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    Hi @bobpritchard ,

    See this FAQ:  https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7307115/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-how-you-are-connected-to-the-internet

    You have not given any operating system or Quicken information.

    To fix, simply enter the missing transactions, manually.
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  • I am using Quicken for Windows.

    Your suggested solution was also my attempted solution a year ago. However, this causes other issues. Appropriately "Matching" transactions enter a value into the "Downloaded ID" field when "R" is entered in the "Clr" field: Manually closed transaction have the "R" in the "Clr" field but leave the "Downloaded ID" field blank. Later on when the One Step Update deliveres the previously missing transaction, it is identified as a "New" (probably because it cannot find the matching "Downloaded ID". If this "New" transaction is accepted, then Quicken ADDS this to the register (as a duplicate entry), which ALSO causes the reconciliation to be out of balance.

    The Basis of this error is that the "Online Balance" that is being delivered to Quicken does not match the incomplete list of cleared transactions that is being delivered. This can be confirmed by looking at the list of Cleared transactions on the Capital One Website.

    I have been fighting this battle for a year without resolution from either Quicken or Capital One. Noone seems interested in fixing the problem. Both deny that it is THEIR problem.

    I have been a programmer for over 30 years, and has been my experience that Manually correcting errors that a Program makes can often result in More damage...consistent with this situation.

    I am hoping that SOMEONE within the Quicken Organization is looking at this and can work with Capital One to identify the source of this error.

    If you Or anyone else who is reading this is have experienced this issue, then I would suggest that you respond to this discussion thread with "I am having the same issue".
  • It seems awful curious that I am the ONLY person experiencing this issue. Does anyone else even have a Capital One Credit Card linked into quicken where they are using One Step Update to match the Manually entered entries with those downloaded from Capital One?
  • ChesnutterChesnutter Member ✭✭
    Yup, I was using Quicken to download Capital One CC (4) years ago & had a problem.
  • Were you having the same issue that I am having...as described in my earlier post (October 2)?
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