Quicken Customer Support Abdicating Responsibility - due to connection errors with accounts

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I am very bothered by the increasing frequency with which Quicken customer support appears to be abdicating responsibility for errors in their product. 3 or 4 times now in the past two months, I've contacted customer support due to connection errors with several of my billers and accounts. I am normally walked through the same set of rudimentary/scripted steps [that I've already tried; fine, whatever]. But then, at the end, when none of these troubleshooting steps work, I don't get "Oh, well clearly this is not a problem with your specific software...we will get in touch with the financial institution to fix". Instead, I get something to the effect of "Well, this clearly isn't an issue with Quicken, you've got to personally contact your financial institution to fix".

Two things with this:
1. Really Quicken? Since when are problems with your software not your responsibility? I don't care what the error message is, telling the customer to fix it themselves is never the answer
2. In the most recent case, I am unable to add my Target REDCard as an online biller, due to a cryptic "unable to update billers" error [yes, yes, I've tried the fixes discussed on this site]. Quicken says I have to contact Target...as if Target is going to have any idea what to do about this. They're just going to say it's a Quicken issue, and I need to contact them.

I have been a big supporter of Quicken, but this passing-the-buck mentality is quickly sapping my allegiance, not to mention the hours I have wasted because of it. Stop blaming the problem on others (even if it's not directly the fault of your software), and start taking ownership. Even if that means the number of supported financial institutions is cut down by 50%, that's still a better experience in many cases than it is now.


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    Hello @KnnNike

    Thank you for sharing the details of your recent experiences with Support with the Community, although I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    Quicken has connections with multiple third parties, all of which help to support the various services that Quicken offers and sometimes we do need to refer an issue to our Service providers to resolve, especially if the root cause of the issue lies with a system that we do not have access to, such as Financial Institution servers and account/transaction data.

    Due to privacy and security concerns, Financial Institutions will not speak with Quicken regarding issues with your accounts and personal financial data and we are forced to refer you to speak with your financial institution regarding your account information to resolve an issue.

    Most times though, Quicken Support should be able to resolve and/or escalate an issue as appropriate so I would like to investigate the recent contacts with Support more thoroughly.

    Were you provided with a case number for any of these contacts?

    Please let me know, thank you.

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    Unless it can be shown that an error is specifically linked to unique financial information, a Quicken user should never be directed to contact their FI for issue with the Quicken software...there's simply no motivation from the FI end to support this...they all want you to use their own stuff anyway. Many times I've been thrown right back to Quicken for support.

    There seems to be a prevailing mentality with the Quicken team that unless a lot of users report a bug with the software, it's something unique to the customer and therefore not Quicken's problem. But consider that a lot of customers (myself included) often don't report bugs, because they don't want to go through the hassle of reporting, only to be told "not our problem" in the end. Thus, your sense of what is vs. isn't Quicken's responsibility is severely flawed.

    I do not have any case numbers, I didn't see the need to keep records on a troubleshooting ticket that Quicken wasn't going to help resolve. If there's a way for me to PM you, i'm happy to provide the email associated with my account
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