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Bank of America - Not downloading transfers

I am running Quicken Deluxe 2019 for Mac. In the last 2-3 days, Quicken has stopped downloading internal bank transfers at Bank of America. I am missing both the small daily "keep the change" transfers from my checking to my savings as well as manual transfers between my accounts at BoA. Is this a known issue? If so, is there a fix?

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  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
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    As of this morning Oct 30, it appears to be working correctly again.


  • sdadessdades Member ✭✭
    Im seeing the same thing. Has been happening for a few days now. No transfers between accounts done through on line banking are making their way to quicken via the download
  • msands49msands49 Member ✭✭
    I'm also having the same issue (transfers between accounts not showing up when I do a Quicken download/update) - hopefully Quicken will address this soon.
  • msands49msands49 Member ✭✭
    For the last few days when I try to download transactions for my Bank of America accounts the transfers that I have made between accounts have not been downloading. How can I report this to Quicken?
  • cbeoncbeon Member
    I have the same issue with Bank of America. Does anyone know what is going on.

    Version 5.12.5 (Build 512.29294.100) on Mac OS 10.13.6
  • MikeMike Member ✭✭
    Same here
  • islenotislenot Member ✭✭
    Happening to me too.
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review a download log file on your computer, to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it.

    Quicken Support:

    • To contact Quicken Support, please use this link only:
      https://www.quicken.com/support#contact-support  and select Chat or Phone support.
      Phone support is only available during posted business hours. The phone number can found at this website.
    • If you are eligible for Premium Support (purchased separately or included as part of your subscription to Quicken 2018/2019 Premier or HB&R) call the number that can be found at the top of your My Account page at https://www.quicken.com/my-account  (US) or https://www.quicken.com/canada/my-account (Canada) next to "Quicken Premium Support"  when you log in with your Quicken ID.
    • To start Chat, your browser must allow popup windows from https://www.quicken.com
    • Other links or phone numbers found elsewhere on the Internet, even in some posts or emails received from other Community members, may not be from Quicken or may not be up-to-date. Use those at your own risk.
    • Unlike other so-called "Quicken support providers", the real Quicken Support is free for all currently supported versions.

  • I am seeing the same issue.
  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    As of this morning (October 29) the issue appears to be expanding. Now, direct withdrawals are not posting. I had several bills post over the weekend (using my bank account and routing number for the transaction) that did not download to Quicken, forcing me to manually add/reconcile those items. [removed]
  • sdadessdades Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    (Removed-Inaccurate information) They wouldn't escalate it no matter how many times I asked unless I would follow their instructions of recreating the file and I hung up after being totally frustrated with them. I hope someone eventually realizes on their end that they have an issue that is getting bigger by the day. If you download a csv from Bank of America the transactions are there. It seems Quicken is dropping transactions. I hope I never have to call their support again. It is horrible.
  • MikeMike Member ✭✭
    Thank you sdades for reporting what happened when you called support. You saved me the time and frustration of doing so. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the problem reaches critical mass and then hopefully they’ll fix it.
  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
    Agreed, thank you sdades for taking the time to call support and report it here. I guess the next step is to try the old fashioned web connect method directly from the BoA site. If anyone has tried that, let us know if it worked. Until then, Quicken, where are you? Crickets......
  • sdadessdades Member ✭✭
    Problem with Web connect was that I couldn't associate the download with the existing file. It wanted me to create a new account. Has anyone found a way around that? BTW, today I did disconnect my 12 BofA accounts from quicken and then reconnect them. Besides taking an hour + with all the approvals needed, I only noticed 2 differences. It did download a paid bill done from Bank of America that had not downloaded prior to the complete disconnect of all accounts. I had previously tried just disconnecting one and reconnecting and it didn't change anything. Perhaps doing all will. Last issue I had was a savings account that won't reconnect. Still working on that one
  • Chris18Chris18 Member ✭✭
    I have two Keep the Change transactions from last week that downloaded to the Savings account but not the checking account. Also missing is last week's transfer of $100 from Checking to Savings. It did download an ATM Withdrawal from my checking on 10/27.
  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
    Chris, That is similar to what I experienced last week. Missing Keep The Change transactions and missing transfers between accounts at BoA.
    Over the weekend, I paid my AmEx (using the AmEx site) and used my BoA account for the payment. The transaction has posted and cleared on the BoA site and the AmEx site, but the BoA transaction is not downloading to Quicken. Same situation for a payment to Venmo from my wifes BoA account.
  • It appears to be resolved.. just now synced up again, I can see all the transactions getting downloaded..
  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
    Abillapati thank you. We will see how it goes when I download transactions tomorrow!
  • Debra0330Debra0330 Member
    I'm still having the problem. None of my transactions that were missing have downloaded yet.
  • Larry VanceLarry Vance Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    As of this morning Oct 30, it appears to be working correctly again.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    sdades said:
    Quicken support was not helpful.… they they told me my file must be corrupt and wanted me to recreate my file of over 40 accounts and 15+ years of using quicken. They wouldn't escalate it no matter how many times I asked unless I would follow their instructions of recreating the file and I hung up after being totally frustrated with them. I hope I never have to call their support again. It is horrible.
    I understand your frustration with your experiences with Quicken Support. In my opinion, they should never tell a longtime user to simply start over with a new file.

    But I wanted to mention something you might find useful if you ever need to contact Support again. They often need to go through a series of processes to isolate whether a problem is affecting the program or if the problem is with your data file. A standard troubleshooting step for connectivity problems is to ask the user to create a new file, set up the account you're having a problem with, and see if the transactions do or don't download properly. If it works correctly, that provides the problem is not with the Quicken program or their back-end processes for connecting to the financial institution. Only if it doesn't work correctly with a new file can they escalate it to their connectivity team.

    If the download works with a new file, but not with your existing file, that doesn't mean you're completely out of luck though. It may mean that there's something regarding this financial institution that is messed up (you could call it "corrupt") within your data file. There is a last-resort technique to export your data file in Quicken Windows format and then re-import that into a new file. This requires re-connecting all your financial account logins, and setting up your preferences, transaction windows, reports, budgets, attachments, etc. -- but it preserves your data history, which for most users is the most critical need.

    (There are often other less-radical troubleshooting techniques to try before this -- such as disconnecting from the financial institution, creating a new account and connecting to the same financial institution, and if that works, moving all your existing transactions from the old account into the new account -- so I describe this as a last-resort technique that should only be employed when everything else has proven to be a dead end. Unfortunately, some Quicken Support representatives suggest this too readily, because it leads to a solution, without taking into account how disruptive it is to the user to lose all the set-up that is lost.)
    QMac 2007 & QMac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • sdadessdades Member ✭✭
    Thank you for your suggestions. Today I am unable to connect to Bank of America, Citi and American Express. I am getting an aggregator error. let's suppose for a moment that my file is now corrupt. There are other people in this thread and in other threads that started to have issues with downloading Bank of America over the last week. (since 10/21). All of a sudden multiple people can't connect? Doesn't that imply a problem on their end and shouldn't they be aware of it?

    BTW, you are correct on the path they follow. When I tried to get someone to take the next step today via chat he said he would get into trouble if he did that. They just don't seem to be customer focused.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's not that they aren't customer-focused; it's that that get thousands of calls saying "there's a bug with downloading from XYZ" and they have to do the troubleshooting to isolate whether the problem is with the particular user's data file or with the functionality of their software overall. I believe that the vast majority of those calls turn out to be either user error or something that's fixable in the user's setup, such as disconnecting and reconnecting to a financial institution; a much smaller percentage of cases turn out to be actual connectivity issues with their service providers that they need to escalate. But I suspect in many cases the Support agents don't start that process by explaining that they need you to create a new *test* file just to try to isolate the problem.

    An aggregator error doesn't mean your file is corrupt. It's not unusual for financial institutions to block Quicken from downloading -- sometimes just temporarily while the financial institution upgrades something on their end, sometime requiring Quicken (or Intuit, their service provider), to make a change to maintain compatibility with a change the financial institution has made. It's my observation that most of these errors disappear within day or two or three without any action required on the part of users, because ti's been fixed either by Quicken, Intuit or the financial institution. Some changes require more extensive work, so some outages last weeks, or longer. But users jump to report a problem the moment something isn't working as expected, so you might see several reports of problems with Bank or America or Chase or Citi or Amex that are actually separate incidents that temporarily block downloads and are then resolved. Or sometimes there's a larger problem that knocks out a wide number of financial institutions temporarily; those are typically fixed within a day or a few days.

    Unfortunately, these connectivity issues are an ongoing major problem for Quicken users. Banks and financial institutions are constantly making changes to their servers for security reasons and their login processes for security or marketing reasons. quicken says they work with 14,000 financial institutions, so if each one made only one change a year, that would mean there are more than 250 per week, more than 50 per day which need to be investigated, documented, fixed, tested and released -- and that's just for the ones where it's a change that Intuit's connectivity team has to make to keep up with changes from the financial institutions. There's nothing Quicken (or Intuit) can do when financial institutions simply turn off downloads to personal finance software, whether because of overloads or maintenance to their servers, except wait for the financial institutions to flip back online.  
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  • sdadessdades Member ✭✭
    thanks for that response. Wondering if you might know the answer to this. Right now I am able to download from Fidelity but not from 4 other financial institutions. I keep getting the synch error. In the error message I see the following
    name: (null)
    email: (null)
    date: 2019-10-30 16:49:41 (America/New_York)
    date: 2019-10-30 20:49:41 (GMT)
    date: 2019-10-30 13:49:41 (PST)
    OS: 10.15.1
    Product: Quicken
    Version: 5.12.5
    Build: 512.29294.100
    Sync: Disabled

    Any idea what Sync:disabled means? Might that be the source of my issues?
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry, I'm not an expert on downloading issues, as I do most of my entries manually and avoid those problems. ;)  Hopefully, someone else will be able to provide more help. since this thread has a mix of posts from customers with connectivity problems which may or may not be related to yours, you also might want to create a new thread with the specifics of your problem (copy and paste from above, along with your Quicken version) -- you might get better eyes on your situation and more responses that way.
    QMac 2007 & QMac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
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