"Important upgrade required for bills" not working

One Step Update Settings screen, "Important upgrade required for bills", Click "Go to Online Bills", list of billers - 2 billers identified as needing to be removed, process of removing offending billers just does not work


  • Bills & Income tab, it says Attention Important upgrade required for Online Bills.

    I have a bill below that will not work. I click remove. Window pops up, I hit OK, it says it is removed. It is not.

    I chat into support a week ago. We try validate. Super validate. Nothing works. Sign in. Sign out. Reboot, etc. They say they will remove in 72 hours. A week goes by. Not removed. I chat in again. They say the request was never made, though they see my ticket.

    At this point, I am stuck. I need this to work. I am currently online with chat support again. It's been already 5 minutes since she said she was checking the cases. No response yet.
  • Of course, support isn't helpful on the last chat I just had. I am completely stuck.
  • The ONLY thing that worked was a process I found on another thread.

    Backup 2019 file
    Uninstall Quicken 2019
    Reinstall Quicken 2017
    Restore backup file from 2019
    Delete the biller!!!!!
    Make a backup of the 2017 file
    uninstall 2017
    Install 2019
    Restore the 2017 file

    Voila, no more offending biller. Crazy.
  • For what its worth, Support said that the 2017 process I listed above will not work. It most certainly does. If you have to try it though, let it churn on removing the biller for a while. It took my Quicken 2017 about 8 minutes to remove the one biller. It looked like it was stuck for about 6 minutes, but it worked.
  • CDG01
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    Having this exact issue and Just got off a long chat with Quicken support who told me that this is:
    - My file's problem
    - Not a bug
    - You can probably count on one hand the number of people with this issue - so they don't classify that as their software's problem

    And that my options are to:
    1. Ignore it
    2. Start a new Quicken file
    3. Load a backup from before it started appearing (months/years ago) and start over from there.

    Willing to try the solution listed above, but can anyone else confirm that they got this solution to work?
  • This keeps coming up on my system and shows one online biller that Quicken does not support. However, when I try to remove it, nothing occurs. It looks like it is working and states successfully removed, but it remains.
  • UKR
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    If you haven't rebooted Windows since you installed the latest software update, please do so now and then try Quicken again.

    Still not working?

    Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly and that your data file is in good working order.
    Please perform all the steps in this document:
    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

    Also please review https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-online-bill-center-errors

  • Thank you for the suggestions UKR. I have tried all of these previously, but had no luck. I went ahead and tried again, just to make sure. Still have the one Biller that I can't get to go away. It is for Barclay. All the other show a status of Verified and have a green check mark.
  • cardwel1
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    I get the message "Important upgrade required for online bills" which requires me to remove my AT&T Bill because

    "Quicken does not support this biller for now, or the information entered is invalid. Please remove this biller"

    I click on remove, and the program reports the bill was removed successfully, but the biller does not actually get removed.

    Additionally, I have two instances of the same AT&T biller. Quicken tells me the first instance needs to be removed, but the second line is "Verified". I can't remove it either though.

    Can you explain how to resolve these issues?
  • heider3
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    I have the same issue with one biller Cap One 360. All the same fixes failed for me as well and unfortunately I don't have the files for Quicken 2017 to even try that suggestion. It seems ridiculous that Quicken cant offer a bette fix for this.
  • whistlingwood
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    Using Version R22.12: Under the "Bills and Income" tab, I have a message "Attention! Important upgrade required for online bills. To complete the upgrade you need to clear the tasks for the bills below..."
    One bill in the following list has a message in a red box that reads "Quicken does not support this biller for now, or biller information is not valid. Please remove this biller" followed by a 'remove' link.
    No matter how many times I use the link and receive the message "...account was successfully removed" the account does not get removed, and the 'Attention' message does not go away.

    Has anyone seen this problem or found a solution?
  • whistlingwood
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    Looks like this problem is pretty serious, yet almost no responses or suggestions. The troubleshooting steps don't resolve the problem and I for one am not willing to abandon years of data to start a new file. What's up, Quicken? I've been happy with the results of the reorganization till now.
  • I was basically told after click in on file and hold control shift repair options that was unsuccessful to create another file and/or ignore message and do a new one n 2020.
  • cardwel1
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    Yeah, that’s not really a solution. The whole point is to be able to look back and use budgets and whatnot.

    So, quicken, get it fixed and give a detailed explanation of why it’s broken
  • loraday
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    :# I have the same issue. Yes, quicken, get it fixed. I just updated to the R22.17 and the problem remains. I left it through the R22.12 hoping it would be fixed in the next release. I do not want to go through the processes as described on this thread. Should be one click removal. Also I don't use the online biller tool because of this issue.
  • Has anyone found an way on how to correct this following latest update.... I am not deleting and starting over as I have seen in prior suggestions
  • I'm also having this problem trying to remove Verizon as a biller.
  • Jimmy R
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    I can't remove BMW Financial and now I have two that say they are verified. Makes no sense.
  • bgauvey
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    I went to Bills Tab and then Online Billers, said an important upgrade is needed. I look through the list and it says Best Buy is unsupported. I click the Remove link and go through the popup, but its still there. I have went through Validate and it found no errors. Any ideas on how to get rid of this?
  • I have the exact same issue. I have asked to have the case escalated from Tier 1 support. I'll let everyone know how things go. For what it's worth, much of the structured data (line online billers etc) is stored in the cloud (AWS). It would seem like one of the devs could write a script to either surgically remove the online biller or clear out all the data. That would be more acceptable to me than having to restore.
  • Also, they are not going to get rid of me that easy. I actually have pretty good knowledge level on how this works (I do O365 support for Microsoft). I'll keep pushing until I get escalated to someone that actually do some real troubleshooting.
  • bgauvey
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    I have an online biller that says its not supported and the Remove link will not remove it. I have done Validate and Repair, account resets, etc. Nothing can remove the unsupported biller

    Quicken: Quicken Deluxe 2020 R23.14 (US Version)
    Membership: Membership is valid
    Source: Installed from download
    OS: Windows 10 Version 1903
    OS Build: 18362.476
    Network: Cable
  • Same issue here. Started a couple days ago and shows different billers with problems. Yesterday the biller that had the problem now shows as verified and a biller that was verifed now show with a problem
  • kimbwood
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    I am having the same issue, but in addition to that, I am unable to edit any of the online billers in my list... even if they are marked as "Verified". Is that due to the same bug?
  • Awhile back started receiving an "Attention: Important Upgrade required for Online bills" and that I need to remove "Billers" to be able to continue to use online bills feature. I have tried contacting support with no help (or responses in many cases) and have tried many things read online. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • I just received an update (R23.17 Build and no fix. Just FYI.
  • klfargher22
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    the same issue for the past two weeks and numerous attempts to fix (all mentioned here) all of them failed. Just called yet again as I've not heard back since it's been escalated. It's still in "escalation" please call back as there is no fix yet. I was not told there was a fix only that they can't fix it and are trying to figure it out. Nice.
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this error message and behavior to the Community, although I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    We would like to investigate this matter further and are asking that those who are affected by the "Important upgrade required for bills", Click "Go to Online Bills" message who are unable to remove the biller or complete the upgrade process to please assist in investigating this issue by submitting your log files and a sanitized copy of your data file.

    If you are willing to assist and provide your information, please open Quicken and go to the Help menu > Report a Problem option.

    In the Report a Problem window, please enter "Attn: Sarah" in the subject line, include a brief description of which biller(s) cannot be removed, mark the boxes for the following files and when ready click "Send to Quicken".

    Log Files to Select:
    Sanitized Data File

    Once sent, please just reply here to let me know so I can locate the report in the system.

    Thank you,

  • Sent my info to you, thanks for looking into it
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