How to attach file to transaction from clipboard?

I commonly do a Transaction Attachment from my hard drive without a problem. However the option to attach file from clipboard doesn't work. I'm using Quicken 2018 Deluxe


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    > You said: "I'm using Quicken 2018 Deluxe"
    What exact version, edition level and release of Quicken are you using?
    US or Canadian version?
    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to get this information.
    More details on the attach process "doesn't work", please. What are you doing? What's the result?

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    I don't think I've ever used the "Attachment" function as that tends to balloon the size of the Quicken file tremendously. 
    However Quicken is looking to attach a "file" - something that lives on your hard drive, or the "Quicken cloud" apparently - and there's no file associated with something that's been copied to the clipboard.  So I'd say that ability just isn't present.  It seems that the only thing to do is to paste the clipboard into something (e.g., Notepad), save the file and then attach the information.
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    Correction: I'm I had updated to Quicken 2020 is its R23.17 Build I'm on a windows PC

    In my banking register there is the attach feature available for every entry in my bank account. Normally I attach a file - such as .pdf image of my pay stub or a .pdf image of a key receipt that I want to save for either a return or warranty purposes.

    The process is that I double click on the area of the entry where the attachment is referenced and I get the dialogue box "Keep your stuff in Quicken" and I select the drop-down titled "add".

    First option is what I normally use "Add file" which I use to select a .pdf from my hard drive. I haven't used the scanner option, but will at some point. The third option is "Add from clipboard".

     I receive receipts by email and want to start pinning them to my bank or credit card register. I opened an email with such a .pdf receipt, copied the .pdf attachment (which saves it to my MS clipboard). I go to Quicken, open the attachment dialogue box and select "add from clipboard" and the attachment does not paste.
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    I just tested this and it works for me, BUT with one big caveat, I had an actual image (pixels) in the clipboard, not the name/location of a file in the clipboard.
    Using the copy to the clipboard process in email that you are using is moving the location of a file, not the pixels of an image.
    So, back to your old method of saving the attachment to the local hardrive and then attaching it.
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