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Update prices for non-US listed securities and bonds (2 Legacy Votes)

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Import security prices for multiple securities in Quicken for Mac 2019.
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  • dstrempeldstrempel Member ✭✭
    Why can't Quicken provide the ability to import security prices of non US listed securities and bonds.  Yahoo Finance has all the prices, it would seem simple to offer a subscription to get updates from such a service within an integrated Quicken solution.  For me it would be worth at least as much as my current premium membership, even a $100 per annum.
  • Garry@[email protected] Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    +1 from me. Other products can get non-US prices from Yahoo:

    [removed] even has a "Yahoo Symbol" field for each stock as well as a user defined symbol and identifier.

    There are no products like Quicken for Australian users. So, we have been manipulating our Quicken data for 25 years. Adding non-US stocks would put Quicken on par with alternatives and recognise that non-US customers are a large proportion of Quicken's customer base.

    NB: non-US people have to forge US zip code, city and state to buy Quicken 2020 which is almost as bad as the Inuit days. Luckily, there are no checks on the non-US street names or we'd have to buy something else !
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    The reason for the run-around is US Export Controls.  It's outside of Quicken's ability to change them.
    Canadian stocks CAN get quotes in US Quicken, and US stocks in Cdn Quicken.
    SO, the stocks of what country are you trying to get?
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  • Ah, sorry, I haven't thought of export controls. Do you know how developers of other products get around that ? I have purchased a lot of software from the US and have found the Quicken alternatives can be purchased from Australia, where I live e.g. by PayPal. Some people also use mail re-direction services which I guess make such export controls moot.

    > @NotACPA said:
    > SO, the stocks of what country are you trying to get?

    I'm hoping to get prices on the Australian Stock Exchange. On Yahoo Finance, stock codes are in this format, e.g. MLT.AX.
  • mark303mark303 Member ✭✭
    I own quite a few international stocks and bonds in my portfolio and would also like a way to have stock prices automatically download from a source such as Yahoo Finance. By not having this nor having a bulk price update import across securities, I end up having to manually enter price info.
  • ericktonerickton Member
    I have a similar case, I invest in mexican bonds that are listed on Yahoo Finance and Morningstar, it would be great to access them via the the code name assigned to it (pe. B+PZOB1.MX)
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