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Quicken 2020 Bank of America downloaded transactions not going into register


I am using Quicken (Home, Business, & Rental Property) 2020 version R23.14, build I have a Bank of America Checking account for which I have online services set up for transaction download. Until Nov 24, 2019, I was able to click on "Update Now", and any new transactions would be downloaded from Bank of America into Quicken. The new transactions would show up listed as "Downloaded Transactions", and I would have the option of accepting them. When I clicked "Accept", the new transactions would be moved into my Quicken check register. Starting on Nov 25, it seems that new transactions are still downloaded, but they do not show up in the list of "Downloaded Transactions". The bottom of my Quicken Windows shows "Downloaded Transactions (0)". While this is the case, there is a red flag next to this account that says "You have 12 transactions to review". Clicking on where it says this does nothing. If I go to Tools | Online Center, I see exactly 12 transactions spanning Nov 25 - Dec 5 (today) that correspond to all of the transactions I actually made and that should have been downloaded. There is a button here that says "Compare to Register.." but clicking on this does nothing. I just cannot figure out how to get these transactions to go into my Quicken check register. If anyone can help me figure out how to correct this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.
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