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Mortgage tracking

I am still using Quicken 2017 in parallel with Quicken 2019 for Mac until I gain familiarity and proficiency. I notice on recent mortgage refinance the principal balance does not reconcile with Wells Fargo. Principal component has not reduced after first payment for last two payments. Quicken 2017 principal balance tracks perfectly with Bank.

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  • chikadonchikadon Member ✭✭
    The loan was set up in Quicken 2017 and transferred over with all other accounts. The principal portion of the payment has not increased incrementally. Only three payments have been made.
  • chikadonchikadon Member ✭✭
    Thanks UKR. I’m parallel tracking with Quicken 2007. I’m a seasoned user of older versions (since 1992) and have become perhaps overly accustomed to its pluses and minuses.
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