How do I export my Brokerage Account Data from an existing file for import to a new file?

I've been working with my existing Quicken file for almost 8 years ... it's been through multiple year ends and upgrades. The file has issues - it's slow to load, it has "stuck flags" telling me that there are transactions to be imported to multiple accounts - yet these transactions cannot by displayed - and all transactions are present and accounted for. It has "crashed" more in the past 3 months than in past 8 years. The File Validation and Repair Utility executes successfully - yet the issues persist. The financial institutions associated with several of my "online activated" accounts have released improved web banking communication methods, etc. It's time for me to "start over" - create a new file and load it with my current data. With Year End coming up - now is the time to take care of this.

I know what I need to do - with all accounts EXCEPT my brokerage accounts. Is there a way to export my brokerage account data (transactions, history, lot info, etc.) from my existing account and subsequently imported into the new file?

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    Have you tried the - File --> File Operations --> Copy -
    to create a total "copy" of your file.
    This appears to function differently than the File Validation,
    in that it picks up each record and writes it to a new file... 
    Would be interesting to try - and see if any errors are reported during the copying process, and also to see if, upon opening the new copy, if some of your probs are resolved.

    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
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